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DUBLIN, Ireland

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I came back to see Honduras scraped into my bike, at first mildly annoyed, but once I saw what my bike did to him I found it funny

"Chilly Willy" worked on my bike for a good few hours for FREE... nice guy, good peoples!!

Beer tour coming along well... my favourite in each country

Bullet proof cars donated by france and Russia for the leaders of the FMLN to use outside the country. Love that peugeot!!

Efferin (spelling guess) the guide who was a guerrilla during the revolution, and lived innthe mountains for 8 years, he has shrapnel in his head from an explosion. It has left his right side slightly paralysed

Bomb shell

The helicopter which had inside one of the government officials that carried out the massacre of over 1000 civilians over 3days in 1981. The FMLN bombed his helicopter.

FMLN radio, mobile broadcast centre.... kinda looks like Mark Cantwells bedroom!

Roadside sprockets and chain change, getting that master clip on takes some effort... and the smashing power of big rocks, south american style!!

Ever Martines his kids and niece.. Stayed the night in his gaf, nice guy!

EVIL GRAVEL... What do u make of those skid marks... I dunno what happened!

Poor pannier!

Tie her up and off we go !!!