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CENTRAL AMERICA!..via Kuna Villages on the Banana Boat! Photos


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Kuna lady in the second village we visited, had to pay 2 dollars for this photo. Worth it.


A Kuna Island

Morning in the village

OK, so now Im being a bit more covert.. free photos..

And closer still

Another Kuna woman, the men dont have traditional clothes.

Number one or number two, doesnt matter, the fish take care of it

A fruit, you cant eat. but looks great

Very strange graffiti in one town.. WELCOME TO BAGDADD

THE CREW !!L to R(top then bottom) Joyce, Saulo, Allison, Bowen. Walter and of course Yours Truely!

Penny's stocking arn't in fashion here!

Security alert, Security alert ..All unaccompanied baggage will be removed and destroyed. All unaccompanied baggage will be removed and destroyed!

Team 1> winners! (dodgy pitch, the ball went in the sea once, notice the toilet, I kicked it in but the local lads went to get it.. I wasnt getting it, not a chance.)

Team 2> what do you call the runners up in football.

Reflections of a bathroom



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