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DUBLIN, Ireland

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EAST to La Guajira (Where Papillon spent his time with the Indians) Photos


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Where the rear suspension meets the swing arm is missing a bit, because, I was told originally due to broken bearings.

Reinforcing boxs 1

Reinforcing boxs 2.. OH YEAH DOUBLE DOUBLE strong!!

Knock Knock, who's there.. Cartagena?


Dr Strangeste

Botero sculpture in Cartagena

A big door for the homeless.

Cartagena by night. The exterior wall of the old town.

My newly adorned luggage extension plate. It was rusty metal, so I scrubbed, painted it and then decided that the paint would scratch, so I covered it in Plastic, but first I painted the AMERICAS

Tayrona national park

Sole footsteps. my own beach.

I watched this bird for a while, It made a relly strange popping sound and only when I took this shot did I see that It was cocking its body and flapping its wings to produce this unique sound.

Remove flesh with knife...

Then later open and add Rum.

More Tayrona



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