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Carnival to "THE-BEACH" & back to Cartagena Photos


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CARNIVAL DANCER, Carnival, we found out is a celebration of the three cultures, the Indians(natives),Spanish(Colonialists)and the Africans(Slaves)... or so they all were.

Shes got the Carnival look.


Twas the best day in his early years, A happy day for one youngster

Cute girl in the crowd... someone put her in the Parade.

PLAYA BLANCA : Now I dont know about you but If I get a fish with three eyes Its going back.

As I said before des... your a runflat, Previously Peadar tried out "Pink Slime" in his tyres, i mean Tubes, cvos we have tube tyres.. and he still got punctures, 2Fast-2Furious this aint, tis the real world and the roads they be shitty !! - Oh I got extreme sunburn on the back this day

Kids in pasacaballos, Great kids

This guy I knicknamed ...."CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS", All day long only in underpants.

Paradise Sales company brings you ... Massage on the beach lady

Fresh Shrimp coctail boxing guy ...on the beach

Every morning we bought bread from this lady, well maize balls, sweet maize balls....

Substitute Maize balls girl

A hop and skip and a jump

Time to kill..

How easy do these lads have it?



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