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Lima to Equador & through the rain to Quito & to 'THE EQUATOR' Photos

Roderigo works on the bike. (where did my previous caption go, Hmmm?) Roderigo and the bike.

Taa Daaa..! Cleaned, Running and ready to get riding. (my goog god the internet is so slow here)

Stellar Sunset on saturday night.

Bird fishin

Sunday, not as good but still class.

The Pan-American highway hugs the coast for a stunning 100 ks.

AntiNarcotics meets Death-metal ! (I was told off for taking these shots and then that means i didnt get the tank parked in the middle of the road)

More sunsets from the bike, just before I hit the rain.

San fran !


Us in the middle of the WURdLED

Southern Hemisphere meets North.

EQUATOR.. Half way to Alaska?

Torah(spelling??) from Japan. Mad head, he was. He had a builders hat with a chinstrap for his helmet. he had metal pegs clipped to his cooling fins on his harley for added cooling, and his bike looked like a college yearbook It had so much writing on it. He had travelled from Japan to north western russia,all the way across to Scandanavia, europe(where he was pulled over many times for his "helmet") and then much of south america and he his heading for L.A. all done in 5 to 7 months.. 500ks every day was his norm. Great guy as are most Japs Ive met are. Though id say of the conversations I was having with him 50 to 60% was probably interpreted.

Christian, Pablo's and Torah