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Windy backroads from Sucre to Samaipata &on to Santa Cruz Photos


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Arthur, Lily and me, real Miners in Potosi, well real tourists, we went 1km inside the mine, claustraphobic at times...

A Dodgy looking Miner.

The cross at the top of Sucre.. the Very very top

Nice bit of Mountain road.. before it changed to the finest power I have ever seen, rivers, Potholed roads but not too bad ..just mainly extremely extremely windy mountain roads

A kid chases Peadars bike through the Village

A river crossing... Bolivia is full of them.. guess it depends what road u take... Backroads...OH YEAH

Post crash... Dusty as hell. but all good

Fog sets in! mud below.. dodgy... but all good.

Peadar get directions from this guy... He has gota be les than 10.. well not directions, but how long to .. 10 ks.. it was more, much more

Another river crossing

Colin Farrell Guevara.. anyone!! ..come on.. You see it right.. (Some brazilian actor in a play about Guevara)

Che Guevara town.. one of the many statues of him, This is where he was killed, La Higuera

What a beauty!! ..Isnt she only gorgeous.. Will ya look at the bleedin colours o her, an her jus lyin in the roa li Da!

INDIGENOUS... Couldnt understand a word she said, most definitely not even speaking spanish


Corosion.. SALT FLATS... missing Oring.. all good now (I hope)



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