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Salta to San Pedro over the Andes + Excitment for the days to come. Photos


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4M wide road: An ABSOLUTE dream when you could see a few turns ahead and use the whole road, but obviously I had to go real slow coming up to the blind corners.. even though I pretty much had the road to myself, except cows and pigs and ducks. One cow in the middle of the road waited till I was real close, I was slowing up but suddenly he went to BOLT and slipped and fell on his side, poor guy.

Aggghhhhhhhh, SEPULTURA !!!!!!

The highest point on the road to San pedro... dizzy & tired when I walked 5 foot.. Grand when back on bike sittin, Ahh sitting!

Old church in Nowhere town in Andes


Long straights at over 3500 meters, Low oxygen so plenty of time to look at the scenery at 70kmph (frustrating at times, but just drop down to 4th or even third, welly it for a while then cruise at higher speeds, until the slightest incline that is)

Grasslands near steam, with what looks like a Vicuna, cross betwen a LLama and a Guanaco

A patch of grass, a rarety on these barren plains

San Pedro De Atacama: Dogs can tell u a lot about a town. This guy was well chilled, In the middle of "his" road

A few of the folks from Salta that I met again in San P. ...Lets play spot the IRISH people, It aint hard at all ; )

Lily stands in the Streets of San Pedro at dusk

Cycle day, great day

Bleedin tourist!

Sand dunes in Valle de la Luna (Valley of the moon)

More sand dunes, just love the shadows

Alfredo consults the map



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