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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Where were you on wednesday morning? Photos

Fosilised leaf from the Juarissic period. Cool, but I wondered what was I doing here amongst all these older tourists, wowing at everything, of course I couldnt really understand everything the guide said as it was all in Spanish, fast diffiult spanish.

Cousin of a rabbit, or uncle or something, front legs are a bit too close together if u ask me

The Submarine rock formation

more really old rock formations and a tourst, I had left the flock for this shot, it was some flock though. Its a flock of tourists right, or is it a herd?

Me in front of the realy really round rocks

They are organic, nucleus things, fossilised, ancient amazing things,not sure exactly what they were noone is.. but when I saw them I just though Someone havin a laugh, Someone just put these here!

What a classic bus!

"Hell morning" There is no "Boost" button on my tent for the Heating, actually this model comes without C.H.

Cold Cold scenery

...Walking in a winter wonderland.... on my bike