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Back in MENDOZA ..Waiting on Post, Waiting to hit the road NORTH Photos


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View out window in new Eco hostel building. All recycled glass, of course! Car windows and bottles.


The EcoHostel, with me on top.. Those who people think driving round South America on a bike is dangerous, they should try South American construction.. SAFE AS HOUSES

How could you not feed these guys? THEY LIVED NEAR THE HOSTEL BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD... Didnt seem to have much so I sorted them out with Milk and Hotdogs .. What a guy!

The MILK... Its behind YOU!

Leo trapped in a window

More straights on the way back to Mendoza

Short cut : Ruta 40 back to Mendoza

Back home again, has everone gone north? At least I can have the music on full blast + Id need it to drown out those pesky dogs, man they are loud and incessant barkers in my neighbourhood.

Graffiti in Mendoza

A green building in Mendoza

Apologies to Jack, of the 3 shots,the worst photo of you, but I look OK and the look on Vans face is priceless, just for a moment he shows an inner craziness..

Pomelo anyone... :Grapefruit

Haa haa, very good year, good nose, smells of hmm... grapes, yes grapes!

More Modern art.... ...U like it?

Modern art, in the vineyards, it?



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