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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Life on the farm! Photos

Camping Suiza, Mendoza. Covered in Autumn leaves

Before I went to the country, the country came to the city!

Back on Ruta 40!

The clouds.. later there was SNOW.

If the Cave collapses the helmet will stop your body being crushed

Torch through stone

NEWS FLASH : Scary window eats child!

Working at the top of the 2 story house, precariously balanced on a PLANK, that was connected to the ladder, that was on another plank resting on another one ... You get me !?ÿ!

Aswaldo, Happy hippy genius..

Country Traffic jam

Asado ...or BBQ


Stars at night.. can you see them?

Chilling on May day

Road near the Farm-Hostel

BEER PONG ... Play it!