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3 weeks in Mendoza: Wine, Organising, Kings of Leon & Stout Photos


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1st photo with new camera, at our "GAF"

Us and the Argentians from our campsite

Our trip to Aconcagua: I went in their car, A CAR! ..nice to take a break from the driving

Aconcagua: as the sign suggests. Highest Mtn in the world outside the Himalayas

Wine owners house and museum

Ahhhh you couldnt, could ya?

Wine barrels


Huge metalic vats for the ...yep.., wine!

Wine barrel

modern art in one of the posh Vineyards, now ask youself is it facing the right way up..? think Im gonna try my hand at modern art real soon, really!

How much did you have? Eh, Just the one bottle

1st car the vineyard used to deliver wine.

The cat at our campsite, cheeky food robber he is

Metal worker guy makes replica pannier block, check out the piece of metal coming out of his finger!! Didnt seem to bother him at all..

Working away



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