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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Across the road & the sea to Puerto Varas to wait for parts (in the rain) Photos


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Roadside work

TAPE.. and this is an early shot... lots more added... GOTTA HAVE TAPE IF YOUR GOING ON A LONG TRIP... JUST GOTTTAAAAAAA!


Petrol station

That mountain looks like a fairycake with an Iced top.. YEAH?

Dusty Carretera Austral

Glacier early morning

Orchids.. im pretty sure.

The main road SOUTH !


First night of evening sky over the Pacific

Bikes up the top

Our Boat, Im sure I saw Keyser Soze was onboard

New Gaf

Paddies day sunset, only good day we got all week, other than that it has been like camping in the wicklow mtns for a week in the rain...

Peadar returns with beers cooling in the Lake



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