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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Torres del Paine Photos


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The view as we approach Torres del Paine

Day one, open flat grassland

The bees here look slick

"Zorro", spanish for Fox... waiting for us to drop crumbs or something, not bleedin likely!

Lunch, once the sliced pan was gone! Doesnt look gourmet but compared to the dehydrated crap most people had these real(albeit a bit dirty)cheese and real ham crackers were very very tasty... Hunger is the best sauce

Camping spot on day two: Dickenson Glacier obscured by clouds in the backgroud.

Ikkle Iceberg a floatin

Crested Caracara. ...again. I really like this bird, it looks like a cool Bird of Prey but its just a bleedin scavanger.

Walking through the forest

One of the many river crossings

Mossy forest trail

Glacier(or maybe just a snowdrift) named.. Perros. more interesting than the previous sentence

"Perros" closeup

Shed with stove heater for cooking and chilling in the evening time

Cooking up a storm

Weird American space food



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