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DUBLIN, Ireland

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A few days of hellishly Cold WIND to get to CHILE(The land of Kerrygold butter!) Photos

Graciela Topping us up AGAIN!! Kev on the left and Arthur on the right. Couldnt really get more Irish looking lads could ya!

LEGEND, absolute LEGEND, this man loves his music so much he travels with his Speaker. Impressive.

The wind blew this guy off the road.

About to Cross The Magellan Straits and leave Tierra del Fuego

Ship ....... wreck


Ghosttown, well just abandoned anyway...

More of the Ghosttown, I mean I didnt see any ghosts but it was all freaky and abandoned looking

Camping in the wild has never been so picturesque ; )

Peadar pointing at some Idiot on TV.... ; )

Working on the bike