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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Puerto Madryn south Photos


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Funky band playing in Puerto madryn : SUPERFUNK

Holy campervan batman!!

Cleaned, `servicedô and ready to go.

Baby penguins



He was waving his head back and forth at me, I was getting too close, a bitting was next, but I left him be...

A Parent and chicks

Smoochy Smooch!


little mouse guy native to the area, forget the specific name..

Surrounded by Penguins, in all directions

Late for a meeting! ...Busy busy busy!!

Penguin Torremolinos !!

And now to take over the world!

Sheltered camping meters from the main road. Making sure to keep a good distance from each other, so when one is murdered in the middle of the night by a crazed maniac still living in the Quarry the other can sleep peacefully!



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