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DUBLIN, Ireland

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From Iguazu we finally turn south toward the bottom of the world.. Photos


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Me + Water

The Devils Throat, from the Argentinian side, much better view right on top of the falls

Climbing across the rocks by the river

Teradactal, Naa... tis a bird

Suning himself by the river

CLOSE UP, gotta love´m

This bee-guy was on my arm for about half an hour, think he was stealing salt from me.

More of the falls

Just look at the power in that water!!, I mean to the right is a normal average waterfall and the LEFT!!!!

NYE at the hostel (Probably the best hostel in the worl.. Argentina)


Look, A Flag!...Time to pose for sure!!

Gotta really love the clouds here.

Inside the Church, Peadar makes his way to the alter.

Entrance to the Chirch at the ruins of the Jesuit Missions

While camping I found this spider was ON me, he moved like the thing from Aliens.. or actually a bit like the Exorcist.. really really freaky spider. look at its wierd bendy legs! Pure Evil!



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