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Into BRAZIL and on to The Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra Photos


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Ahhh the Open Road...

Mean looking bird of prey on the road just inside BRAZIL

Moments after I had photographed him the Bird of Prey had swooped in to try and get at the young of this other bird but one of the adults was blocking it! Really quiet a dramatic aerial display.

Check out my first nights accomodation in Brazil, convienently by the main Rd

Julio, not a word of English or any notion of how to communicate using ISL (International Sign Language)

Dirt road, Great fun dirt roads

How do I have so much stuff ???

The morning after heavy rain, not as much fun, Alot more work

The First drop, damn you gradually sloping downhills

After the second, nice and experienced looking

Visibility lowered to a few meters at times

Conditions worsening

Gettin right into it..

They call this Forest\Jungle �ôAtlantic coast rainforest�ô

These Guys were all over a small plant and by the time we came back frm the Trek, they�ôd eaten the lot!




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