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Story from Punta del Este &Photos from the next town Punta Del Diablo Photos

Punta Del Diablo Cabana, what a well designed gaf, Perrrfect...

Punta Del Diablo at night

The ice cream place I never went to, but it looked cool

´Us´ at the beach, in the National park just over the rocks in the next bay

BBQ every night.. Peadar, Me, Micheal, Alon, Gabriel + Agnis

´Us´ eating... On the right is, Adolfo(Fito was his stage name) and Fernando

Us... again chillin @ ´Home´

Me comming back from surfing attempt, Wait a minute!, whats that in the background, Speedo´s Ehhh? Guess who is from the Czech Republic! ; )

Fito giving us a private flamenco dancing performance

Amazing stuff, stills do him no justice..

National Park walk

More Birds, seem to be turning into an ornithologist, I mean Mark Cantwell asked me to take photos of all the birds in South America but im not sure if he´ll be happy with these

Tis another Bird, they are great tho...

Calamity Peadar tempting fate

I bought fish from the Fish fillet-ers, speedy guys, very skilled.

They tow the fishing boats up to beach with this Yokey!