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El Palmar ...and on to Uruguay... Photos


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Messing around with the new camera

Finally leaving Buenos Aires

dirt road on the way back from town, alot easier with no gear on the back

Ready to hit the road

Peadar heading down the dirt track

Gravely Gravely Gravely ¨road¨

Sun going down in El Palmar

Peadar Balboa´s Insect sting from riding with the visor up !

Deadly big lizards just walked around all day

lizard visitor was about to lick our plates clean and eat any remaining crumbs

Quality Butterflies

butterfly no. 2 (what a caption)

Peadar, Gonzalo, The absolutlymadguy whos name escapes me + 2scots, Bottom: Naty and Miguel

Chilling on the Island:Naty, Gonzalo, Peadar, Miguel, Marcela, Angela + Jorge

Miguel + Angela as we head to the ´beach´(which can be defined simply as the place where the island meets the river)

Naty cooking more meat



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