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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Pinamar, attempting to fish with Bamboo sticks and some line.. Failed!

Me posing like mad!

Parilla (Argentinean Steakhouse)Ian, Murray, Diego, His Cute girlfriend(forogt her name), Peadar, Stephen(another Irish guy), Stephen(the real one), Karolina

MR HANKY, The christmas Steak, kinda wierd..

Diego, Blah Blah, Blah-Blah Hottie, and Peadar out on the beer (Im terrible with names)

Lujan Basilica

Some closeup Detail

Freaky randon ´Big´ wish thing

Check out the freaky scary MonkeyBoy...It´d give u the creeps

Recoleta Graveyard where Eva Peron was buried

More of the great Sculptures and graves, It ain´t a holiday until you´ve been to a graveyard!!

Really realistic Statue, I swore it was going to come to life, really, I was there waiting for it to happen..

Look into my eyes...(had to be there)

More of Recoleta graveyard

Downtown Buenos Aires

Though I´d go for the healthy Brown sambo, FTF is that!



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