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Ooooh, how cute!

Written on: Tuesday October 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Americas

Thanks to the internship I am doing here in Costa Rica I got the chance to go to the national park Tortuguero (the travel agency I work for organizes tours to the park and works together with a hotel there).

The national park is located on the Caribbean coast and is only accessable by boat or airplane. Besides the jungle, the beaches and all the canals that are part of the park's beautiful nature it is famous for turtles - 4 species of sea turtles come to lay their eggs right on the beach of Tortuguero (therefore the name, tortuga means turtle).

Luckily it was just one of the last weeks of the turtle season so one of the excursions was turtle-watching at night at the beach (of course only with guides and only in specific areas in order not to disturb the turtles). So we were lucky and got to see a huge green turtle (over 1.50 long!) lay its eggs on the beach - first digging a bigáhole in the sand, then putting the eggs in it and covering it all up again. It was pretty amazing.

The next morning I got the chance to witness one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life: little baby turtles not bigger than 10cm fighting their way out of the nest in the sand and instinctively heading towards the ocean. There was probably about 80 of them and they all struggled to the water at an amazing pace - just as if it were a race and everybody wanted to get there first. Sooooo cute! Unfortunately a lot of the baby turtles don't even make it to the water and if they do, then there is a lot more dangers waiting there for them. That it why the park protects the turtles as best as they can.

There is a lot more animals to see in Tortuguero: all sorts of birds (for example the tucan), monkeys, butterflies (beautiful!), the poison dart frog (only about 2cm big, come in all colors and are really cute - unfortunately I accidently deleted the only good picture I had of one of them), river turtles, crocodiles (pretty amazing too!), geckos and huge insects - sitting right on my door (see pictures). :-)

A very enjoyable thing was also the weather; the warm temperature and sunshine were a welcomed change from the rather cold and very rainy San JosÚ. Tortuguero really is a perfect and peaceful place to escape the hectic city.


Pics willábe up later.