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Am I dead?

Written on: Monday September 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Americas

I must be dead, because I have arrived in paradise!

I am spending my last few dys in Ecuador here in the small village of Vilcabamba (close to the Peruvian border) and I found the perfect place to kick back and relax. Well, it is not exactly a cheap hotel but it is definitely worth the few extra dollars. Because it is located about 2km outside of town it is very quiet here and after having stayed at all sorts of crappy, noisy, unfriendly and dirty hotels with damp, uncomfortable beds (at least those rooms were really cheap...) this is like heaven.

Let me describe you what a typical day here could look like:

After sleeping in and eating a big breakfast from the buffet (which is included in the price) you can take one of the bicycles from the hotel and ride into town (well, the breaks are a bit horrifying but that makes the whole ride down a bit more adventurous, right?). In town, there isn't that much to do or see, so pretty soon you'll see yourself sitting on that bike again, this time going uphill - and let's not talk about the gears...

So when you finally arrive at the hotel, all sweaty and half dead because you haven't done any sports since you left home 3 months ago all you want to do is cool down in the lagoon style swimming pool. The water is quite cold though so you'll be happy that the showers actually have hot water (so many hotels promise hot water around the clock but where do they hide it?) The cave-like design with walls made of rocks makes showering even more of an experience.

After strolling around in the garden, looking at all the beautiful flowers and discovering all of the hidden paths you might feel like this is way too much activity so you decide to take it easy and relax for a bit - either reading a book in the hammock in front of your room or getting one of the massages they offer here (and for reasonable prices too!). You might want to check out what hikes or horseback riding tours to the national park they offer for tomorrow before you head to the restaurant to have dinner. The portions are huge, the food is delicious and because the hotel is owned by Germans you even find a couple of German dishes on the menu - the good food you know from back home that you've been craving for a while (especially on long bus rides) because you start to get tired of eating chicken and rice for every second meal.

After enjoying the beautiful view over the whole valley and full of energy you are ready to move on to the hotel bar and sip a cocktail or play pool or ping-pong. If you haven't met any of the other people staying at the hotel (mostly backpackers) you will certainly meet them now; the bonfire creates the perfect atmosphere for socializing. After having met people from all over the world (at the moment mainly Germany, Switzerland and Austria though) you are ready to go to bed in your dorm - the beds might be a little hard but you don't really care because seriousely - what more can you ask for? This really is paradise! :-D


I'll upload some pics later.