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Cuenca, Ecuador

Written on: Thursday September 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Americas

Well, I got bored in Montaņita after a while so I decided to move on to Guayaquil for one night and then to Cuenca which is the 3rd biggest city of Ecuador.

It is a really pretty colonial style city and after Montaņita I enjoy that there is a lot to do here. I really am a city girl... :-)

Luca, a guy from Switzerland I met in Montaņita, is here in Cuenca at the moment as well so we are doing quite a lot of stuff together which is fun (and of course much nicer and more fun than alone).

My hotel is a bit noisy because it also is a cafe but it's cheap and clean and that's all I need. :-)

Other than that there is not much to tell from my side, I am doing great.

Anyway, I am hungry now so I will stop writing this boring stuff and find a good restaurant! ;-)