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Surf's up in Montañita!

Written on: Sunday September 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Americas

So, here it is, my first real entry to my travelblog (I finally managed to catch up with the time)! :-) Instead of text I put a lot of pictures to the previous entries though, so check them out!

I am back in Montaņita now, spending the first week on my own here in this laid-back surfer's town on the coast. Gabi went back to Switzerland a week ago and after spending a few days more in Quito with my friend Viche (he was a good friend of mine during my exchange in the US) and his family I decided to come back here.

My overnight-bus trip was rather terrible since all the annoying people on the bus were sitting around me... So I spent the night with knees in my back, snoring next to my ear and listening to all of the ringtones some guy had on his cell phone. Then, when I finally fell asleep the police decided to stop the bus at 3am for a documents control. How fun.

Anyway, I made it here and spent most of the week doing nothing - which is about all there is to do besides sitting around, drinking, partying and meeting people. The only exception is surfing though. Montaņita is said to have the best surf in Ecuador and of course this makes it a favorite spot for surfers and backpackers from Ecuador and the world. The only thing that's missing at the moment is the sun...

Surfing is a lot of fun! I did it three times this week more or less successfully (I guess being able to stand on the board the first time is quite good). But unfortunately one can get frustrated easily and it is very exhausting. I guess I better don't mention that I also dropped the board on my foot which has now changed its color to a nice purple. :-) 

Luckily it is very easy to meet people here in Montaņita which makes travelling alone much more pleasant. Eventhough I really enjoyed those relaxing days I start to get bored here. So I will probably leave Montaņita tomorrow and go to Cuenca which is supposed to be a really pretty city.

I hope you are all doing well and I will try to keep this blog updated regularly...