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Written on: Friday July 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Americas

Well well, actually we wanted to take the bus to Baracoa in the early morning but we didn't fit in anymore because we didn't make any reservations (a really popular route)... Luckily, there were 4 Beligian guys who didn't get on the bus either so we decided to share a taxi together. So we ended up driving the 5-hour trip to Baracoa in one of these Oldtimer-taxis which was definitely an experience!

The road to Baracoa (called la Farola) was really beautiful, on our way we passed Guantánamo and on top of the hill it started to rain and the water was coming into the car everywhere (the car was that old!). Anyway, it was great fun! Best part of it was though, that we met some people later who took the bus. They told us that on the way to Baracoa the bus broke down so they had to send it back and get a new one and arrived in Baracoa about 3 hours after we got there - and we started about one hour after the bus left... :-)

The next day, we (me, Gabi and the 4 Begian guys, Pieter,Hannes,Toon and Andrés) rented some bikes and rode about 20km in the Cuban heat to Playa Maguana which was supposed to be a really beautiful beach. Eventhough it was a nice beach and we had a lot of fun, we were a little disappointed.

Other than that we did a day trip to the Alexander von Humboldt National Park together with a couple from Scotland who stayed at the same casa particular. The park was rather disappointing but getting there and back was fun because we rented some mopeds and the road was just beautiful! I was really amazed by the nature and the villages we passed through! 

Baracoa is a really nice little town with lots of places where they play live music and where people start to dance spontaneousely. I really liked it there!