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Santiago de Cuba

Written on: Thursday July 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Americas

After a 16 hours long overnight bus ride we arrived in Santiago de Cuba today. Of course it looks a lot different than Varadero and I am very glad about it.

We are staying at a 'casa particular' which is just renting a room at a private home or apartment. It is a very common and cheap way here to find a good accomodation. Often they also offer breakfast and other food if you pay a little more. So we just have a small room and a bathroom and that's about it, but we don't need more anyway.

We haven't seen much of the city yet because we just got here and we don't know either how long we will  be staying here. Who knows... :-)

This week they have a Caribbean Festival here with performances, music an dance from all over the Caribbean. I am excited to see that.

Well, my internet time is almost over, who knows when I will be online again, finding internet access here is really difficult. And if you find it it is either closed, really expensive and slow. :-)