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day trip

Written on: Saturday May 6th, 2006

On 6th May 2006, it was time for another trip with the international society. This time we went on a day long trip along the Scottish North East Coast. As usual we left King?s College at 8am. After an amazingly short bus trip through fog we arrived at the ?Bullars of Buchan?, famous for its cliff formations, birds, and other assorted wildlife. There it is very beautiful, we spotted a lot of birds and even a seal!!! Afterwards, we went to Fraserburgh. Fraserburgh has the largest fishing industry in Scotland which one can easily guess by the amount of fishing boats in the harbor. First we visited the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre. It was interesting and we learned a bit about the history and culture of Fraserburgh. Right beside the Heritage Centre is the Lighthouse Museum. Our tour guide was very funny and told us a lot about lighthouses in Scotland and the whole world. Who wants to be a millionaire question: In which direction does the wheel in a lighthouse turn???..... Clockwise because it is build like a clockwork. Bonus answer: Fraserburgh has the only lighthouse where it goes counter-clockwise and in addition it is the only lighthouse which was built on a former lighthouse. We won?t bore you with further details .

Then it was time for our lunch break. We intended to eat fish as we were in a fishing village but there was no restaurant in the part of the village we were so we ended up eating Fish and Chips!!!!! As we had time left we wandered around Fraserburgh but unfortunately there was not much to discover.

At half past 2, we continued our trip to Duff House in Banff (http://www.duffhouse.org.uk/). There we didn?t tour the house as we expected but only watched a movie about the house and spent the rest of the time strolling the grounds. There was a huge playground where even the most grown up students became kids again .

Finally we went home. It may sound odd but the day was super exhausting. Everybody was just tired. Maybe that?s because it?s spring.