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Day One: Vancouver to Tokyo to Osaka

Written on: Friday December 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: JAPANNN TRIP 08-09'

The only day that I actually wrote about LOL :D ANYWAY..

Woke up at 7:15, left for airport and ate breakfast there :D Then we went to our gate and watched airplanes flyyy..
Boarded the plane at around..11:30am~...THERE WERE LOTS of CUSTOMERS on board LOL...[inside joke]
Plane ride was boring..i sat with this random girl who doesnt even use the headphones when shes watching a movie.  <_< weirdd lol
9hrs on plane [1hr delay b/c of snow]...OH THE WAY THEY DEFROST THE AIRPLANE IS SO COOLL....they spray this orange stuff on it so they can see the snow? i dunno lah LOl...thn they blast the ice off the wing haha..and spray this green stuff on it LOL antifreeze? i wanna spray that thing too 8D!!
On the PLANE..i finally got to watch WANTED. haha finally!!~~ its so goodd!..thn watched some incredibles and random stuff haha!~

JAN.27 [i counted this as DAY ONE too] cuz its just the time diff.

Arrived at TOKYO....[3:50pm Tokyo Time] NARITA AIRPORT!!~ (GOOD LUCK!! LOL KIMURAA) <3
HERE...I ate my first meal :D :D :D RAMENNNNN!!!!~ my fav. i love ramen. It was SOo gud
Then. got ready for the 1hr flight to OSAKA!~ teheh
Left Narita for Osaka at around 6pm.  This time I sat between my bro and this other guy.  He was hmm i think a bit younger than my bro?  Japanese guy who was returning home for vacation.  He studies in Kansas..haha took him like 24 hrs to get home (in kyoto). wows. He was cool and his eng was rly gud.  Too bad forgot to take a picture with him and ask for his name LOl...8D mehh

ARRIVING AT OSAKA [Umeda]....we took a bus to get to our hotel [Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel]. i was so tired so i slept the whole way.. XP.
HOTEL was pretty nice lol the washroom was small but..its Japan so ..yeah.. I LOVE THEIR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER~ made my hair so smooth and soft :D
shouldve stolen some hehe

Me and Amp went to am/pm [this is like a seven eleven in Japan]
Bought some Haagen Dazs icecreamm!~ it was SOO GOODD TOOO OMG..!!
anyway thats it for todayy!~ long day~ finally got to Osaka haha

PS. [when i wrote about today, i was actually trying to sleep....but couldnt because Amp was snoring SO LOUDLY @_______@ what a horrible person]  lmao~