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Written on: Friday February 12th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

February 6th - 8th

We arrived in the town of Tucacas after dark, so didnīt see too much of it at first. However we could tell that it wasnīt the type of place we were hoping for! We made it to the place we had booked but it was quite far away and certainly not the 3 minutes to the beach that it had said on the website. We were feeling a bit downhearted but luckily had brought some wine with us from Caracas as there was nothing nearby.

The next day we decided to take a closer look at the town and our first impressions were confirmed. It was dirty, noisy and generally unattractive. We thought we would go for a walk to have a look at the beach but didnīt make it that far. Apparently you need a car to get anywhere here. The only attractions seemed to be the islands but we decided that we would leave the next day and try our luck elsewhere. We really wanted a nice beach and a relaxing time for our last week of the trip. We had heard from Jen and Aldus that Puerto Colombia was nice and had a good beach so we decided to go there the next day.......