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Caracas - Venezuela

Written on: Wednesday February 10th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

February 1st - 6th

Caracas stunned us with its dirtiness, pollution, noise and hecticness. We were happy that we had splashed out on a nice hotel (there didn´t seem to be any mid-range ones anyway and we got a good deal on the internet). It is apparently the second most dangerous city in the world, after Mogadishu but didn´t seem too bad from the window of our 17th floor hotel room.

Unfortunately we managed to catch a cold and so were more immobile than usual and spent a few extra days in Caracas just to rest.

We didn´t leave the hotel too many times but did manage to visit the Simón Bolivar museum in the centre. Bolivar was a native of Caracas and is one of Latin America´s greatest heroes. In the early 19th century he led the forces that liberated many of the countries in Latin America from Spanish rule. Today Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, uses the name of Bolivar in his "Boliviarian revolution". It implies a socialist interpretation of the ideals of Bolivar. The museum was quite interesting and was free of charge. Otherwise we were overwhelmed by the city and dramatically cut down our to-do list in Caracas.... 

We wanted to spend our last week by a nice beach relaxing, but it turned out to be more difficult than we thought to find a decent place on the internet. After much searching, and checking our guide book, we settled on a place called Tucacas where we found a cabana to rent.

We never managed to spot Hugo before we left (but saw his face everywhere).