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Copacobana, Lake Titicaca

Written on: Friday February 5th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

January 20th - 22nd

We had managed to book a decent hotel through the internet for a couple of nights in Copacobana. The three hour minibus ride included a short ferry trip across a part of Lake Titicaca. The town itself wasn´t much to write home about but many people visit the islands from there, but we didn´t. We did have a nice view of the lake from our hotel and tried some Peruvian specialities in the restaurant such as quinoa risotto.  

Everyday in the town there is a blessing of the car ceremony that was very interesting. The car gets a blessing and then is sprayed with beer or sparkling wine. We thought that this might actually be a good idea as the driving is so terrible! We also went up a hill called Cerro Calvario where there are some crosses at the top and a nice view of the town.

We booked a bus all the way to Cuzco, which was going to take about 16 hours. We knew that the bus was going to be a bit dodgy so didn´t really look forward to it.....