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Written on: Saturday January 23rd, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

January 13th - 14th

We boarded a less than impressive bus in a very busy and polluted "bus station" in La Paz. After half an hour of breathing fumes through the open windows, we set off for Rurrenabaque. The route took us up and then down some very windy mountain roads with beautiful scenery but which made us a bit worried for our safety.... The road was very narrow, muddy in places and with a sheer drop on one side. It was of course also a very bumpy, hot and generally uncomfortable 18 hour experience.

We later found out that this stretch of road is the most dangerous road in the world (!!!!), called "Calle de la Muerte". It drops 3000m in 80km and has the highest fatality rate of over 100 per year, mostly due to reckless drivers. Surprisingly nobody mentioned this to us when we booked the ticket.....  

Anyway, we survived the ordeal and arrived in tropical Rurreranabque early in the morning and on time for breakfast at the hotel. We had a sleep and then a look around town. It is a small town surrounded by mountains and jungles on the banks of the Rio Beni (a tributory of the Amazon river). This was the river we were going to travel up into the Amazonian rainforest the next morning. 


From Dan on Feb 2nd, 2010

Hehe. I found it best to cycle down that bad boy; get back up it- it looked horrible in a bus- dangerous!-) Wonderful stuff- everything looks amazing and makes me cry as I sit writing about polio with some huge machinery outside ripping up the trees; usually pollution and machine noise come with a cultural kick but not this one. Any idea where you'll be for easter (Pascua= c Arpil 4) or will things be hectic by then loveandmarriagewise? I would like to convince Evie to come meet you in Mex/ Ven/ somewhere if poss.

From Andy & Yasmin on Feb 10th, 2010

Hi Dan, Good to hear from you. So you went down it ? Sounds good, probably better to be in control of your own life rather than trusting it to a crazy Peruvian driver! Well I suggest we meet up in exotic Radcliffe for Easter, as we will be back in a week. Trying to enjoy the last of the sunshine now on a beach in Venezuela. Well see you soon, looking forward to meeting Evie :)