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Punta Arenas II

Written on: Sunday January 17th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

December 17th - 20th

We took the bus back from the Paine and asked the driver to stop by Libbet and Gaston´s house as it was on the way. We walked up through the gate and were met by Gaston and Libbet in the garden. It was great to see them again and be back in the windy and very rugged Punta Arenas.

Their quad bike was out and so we took turns driving up the drive and around the garden, great fun. There was of course tea and cake and then a great dinner. 

The next day we visited the penguin colony on Isla Magdalena. Jen, Aldus, Geoff and Barrie had been there before and recommended it. The trip on the boat took over 2 hours and when we got there we were greeted by the sight of thousands of Magellenic Penguins. There are over 60 thousand pairs on the island who are very noisy, quite smelly but cute. It was nice to see them in their burrows with their babies. Ronan especially enjoyed the experience......."bloody penguins".

Back at the house Gaston had prepared a large bbq with sausages, chicken and ribs. He had made the bbq out of special ceramic bricks from work (chemical plant) and it had to be quite high as the wind is very strong. Alaska was very interested in the bbq and looked on longingly. It was another fantastic meal and we were happy to be looked after so well. The evening was finished off with some cocktails in the kitchen. 

On our final full day in the south we took Gaston and Libbet out for dinner at their favourite restaurant in Punta Arenas. It was the least we could do to thank them for thier hospitality and for spoiling us while we were there! The restaurant was a quirky, very charming place with great food. There was also an antique shop upstairs which we had a look at after dinner. We were tempted by a few things but knew we wouldn´t be able to carrry them around.

We left the following morning catching a flight to Santiago but we felt a bit sad leaving as it had felt like a home for a while. Thanks once again Libbet and Gaston!




From Issy on Jan 23rd, 2010

we know someone who is very noisy, quite smelly but cute. Her name is Eva!

From Issy on Jan 23rd, 2010

we know someone who is very noisy, quite smelly but cute. Her name is Eva!

From Andy & Yasmin on Jan 24th, 2010

We are sure Eva will be pleased to hear that!