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Torres Del Paine - camp Seron, day 6

Written on: Saturday January 16th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

December 14th - 15th

Yasmin awoke to find that she had swollen eyes (probably from insect bites), and we all felt a bit tired and sore, feeling the effects of 5 days of hiking. We were hoping to reach the end of our hike at refugio and camp Torres, but didnīt set off until about 9 am. Ronan and Barrie set off first and we followed shortly afterwards.

Just 20 minutes into the hike we spotted a small owl in a tree. There were several streams to cross and Yasmin fell in one (but survived, although with wet boots). Otherwise it was a nice hike through some beautiful meadows with flowers. After that there was a quite long and windy uphill section. Near to the top we caught up with Ronan and Barrie who had been waiting for us. We decided that we wouldnīt make it all the way today without arriving quite late so decided to aim for camp Seron which was a couple of hours away. After a break we continued downhill and reached a plateau where we saw lakes with a milky blue colour.

We reached the camp in the afternoon and arranged a dinner with the refugio guy, since we had run out of our camp food. It was a small place and the dinner was expensive but we didnīt have much choice. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we relaxed in the nice garden. Yasmin had a sleep and the rest of us played frisbee golf.

In the evening we had some wine and chatted to some Chilean guys who were heading the other way around the circuit. Unfortunately one of them was very tired after the first day and wouldnīt be able to make it around so he was going to head back the next day. We said that we might be able to help him as we were going the same way, but in the end the Chileans decided to take him back themselves. We shared some wine with them and they gave us some nice whisky, before we headed off to bed and slept like logs.