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Torres Del Paine - wild camp, day 5

Written on: Wednesday January 13th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

December 13th - 14th

Waking up this morning we knew we would have an easier day than the previous two. After enjoying a slightly later breakfast we headed off following the river valley, towards camp Dickson where we were going to stop for lunch. We had some great views of mountains and another lake with ice-bergs. It was a flat walk that took us into a forest, Ronan and Barrie forged ahead and when we caught up with them they were playing pooh-logs on a bridge. 

By 2 pm we had reached Camp Dickson which was a beautiful campsite situated in an open field where the river had widened out into a lake. Here we made lunch and had a rest. Unfortunately Ronan had strained a nerve in his back and was experiencing some pain. However, he still managed to set off before us and we didnīt see him or Barrie until we reached the camp!

From Dickson there was a steady uphill climb for about twenty minutes. After this we walked for a couple of hours through some lovely fields in the river valley before we found Ronan, Barrie and a random American lying in a field. We had seen the American before and he was the only person we met doing the trek the same way around as us. It was a fantastic place to camp by a stream, and surrounded on all sides by mountains. The American left as we set up camp, and we felt that it was really isolated and tranquil. We were in the wild!!

Before dinner Ronan conducted a music quiz from his i-phone that was good fun. However, as we were all really bad at it we played a round of frisbee-golf after dinner with our dinner plates. This was great until Ronan threw his plate in the stream and lost it..... no more food for him!

Before heading off to bed we stood for a while in awe of the spectacular nature all around us.       


From Jean on Jan 14th, 2010

I love the way you write out your trek for each day with details, it is so good to read them. Photos are great too! Lots of love to you both