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Torres Del Paine - Camp Paso, day 3

Written on: Monday January 11th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

December 11th - 12th

After breakfast we started off the hike with some magnificent views over the glacier. The trail went up and down many stream valleys, some very steep which had ladders and ropes to help you up and down. It was exhausting and we were very tired when we stopped for lunch in a stream valley. We did some "extreme cooking" perched on some precarious rocks and then had a rest in a safer spot in the woods.

By now there weren´t any day trippers from Lago Pehoe so there were a lot less people about. In fact, we hardly met anyone all day. A group of Israelis were some of the few we met and they warned us about the hard pass that we would encounter the next day.

After lunch we set off for some more strenuous hiking towards the camp. Ronan and Barrie arrived shortly before us and had picked a good spot to camp. The campsite was basic with no showers, running water or shop. There was however a stream there which was good for drinking water and washing up. For dinner we had some curry from campfood packs followed by some swigs of whisky.

We knew that the next day would be a tough one as we would be going over the John Gardner Pass - the highest point on the trek, so we had an early night.