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Torres Del Paine - Camp Lago Grey, day 2

Written on: Monday January 11th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

December 10th - 11th

We were up at 7am to pack up the campsite and have a breakfast of tea and porridge to prepare us for the day. Our packs felt very heavy but we hoped that we would get used to them!

Barrie set off first from the campsite in order to get a head start and get some film of us coming up the trail. We didn´t see him for almost an hour and began to wonder where he was, when we saw him resting on a rock at the top of the first slog of a hill, videoing us. There were stunning views all the way, and after we reached the top we caught sight of some ice-bergs in Lago Grey. It was very windy but we kept warm walking at a brisk pace. We had a great view of the Grey Glacier in the distance.

When it was hungry time we decided to stop by the lake shore for some food. We had just heard a big crash that was a large chunk of ice falling off the glacier. We watched the ice-berg drift slowly past us as we cooked lunch. After lunch, consisting of soup and bread, we had a few more hours hike until we reached the campsite. It was a great site by the lake and we had more views of ice-bergs and the glacier. We were all pretty tired except for Yasmin who claimed that she could carry on for several more hours. After that we put more stuff in her rucksack.

At the campsite we had some tea (good for morale) and some of Libbet´s cake that was much appreciated. There were actually hot showers there that some of us took advantage of, and a small shop. Dinner was some tortellini pasta with a tomato sauce that Ronan prepared very elegantly. After a few card games and games involving throwing rocks on ice and into the lake to splash your opponent (Ronan and Andy) we went to bed.