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Isla Toboga

Written on: Wednesday December 2nd, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

November 19th - 22nd

A 1 hr ferry ride from Panama City is the small island of Isla Taboga, called the island of flowers. It is also rumoured that there is pirate treasure somewhere on the island, as the the English pirate Henry Morgan stopped there several times. We had decided that we needed a few days rest, and hoped that the island would be nice and peaceful. It turned out to be great, with no roads on the island, just a few hotels and couple of restaurants.

The hotel that we had booked was very nice, and we had a beautiful view from the french balcony out to sea, and could see the high rise buildings of Panama City too. There were many big ships out to sea waiting to go through the Panama Canal.

We did some snorkelling and although there wasn´t much coral it was brilliant for spotting lots of different types of fish. The rest of the time we just rested, did some reading and had several nice meals at the restaurant.