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Panama City

Written on: Monday November 23rd, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

November 15th - 19th

After having slept badly we awoke to the noise of the traffic outside our hotel. We decided that we just couldn´t face the traffic and fumes going into Panama City. If possible, it would only deteriorate as we approached the capital city. We organised a taxi to take us in, and we were relieved with our decision as we saw the busy and very complicated road system, that looked dangerous for cyclists.

We hadn´t cycled all of Central America, or even half, but we had cycled over 1000km and were very pleased with this achievement. We looked forward to that evening when we were going to celebrate surviving it all!

We were happy to see the Panama Canal as we crossed over a bridge, and we were also absolutely gobsmacked seeing the huge skyscrapers that made up the Panama City skyline. We had seen nothing like it before, here in Central America. 

The hotel we stayed in was nice and had a small kitchen. Here we celebrated our arrival at our destination. In the evening we went out to a Lebanese restaurant and had some great meze. We also went out for a drink and a dance afterwards to sample the Panama City nightlife.

Our plan was to stay a couple of days, try to ship Shaun and Toby back to UK and then visit a nearby tropical island for a few days relaxing before flying off to Santiago. After a couple of days of hassle and quite a bit of money we managed to send Shaun and Toby back, so we will be pleased to see them again! We are flying off tommorow and will update this final part of the blog from there.


From Jen on Nov 24th, 2009

Well done! Can't believe you have made it all the way to Panama City! Love the husbands for rent sign! Looking forward to speaking to you both when you are in Santiago. xx

From Aldus, Jenny, Issy and Eva on Nov 24th, 2009

Looking forward to greeting Shaun and Toby at the airport. Congratulations on the 1000kms!

From Eva on Nov 26th, 2009

more Andy, more Yasmin, more birdies

From Uncle Peter on Nov 27th, 2009

Brilliant- love to all in Chile when you get there.