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La Chorrera

Written on: Monday November 23rd, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

November 14th - 15th

We had a fairly early start knowing that we had quite a bit of cycling ahead of us. We were also warned by the hotel owner just before we left, that there would be a "huge" hill on our way.

We cycled a few km back to the Interamericana and began to cycle on the highway. There was a good hard shoulder for most of the time, however it was very busy. We stopped to cook our lunch consisting of some old campfood we had been dragging around since Mexico.

We managed to avoid most of the tropical downpours by stopping at a few roadside shacks when needed. The nearer we got to our destination the worse the traffic and pollution got. We were very exposed to it on our bicycles, especially when black smoke belching buses passed us.

It was on this road that our cycle computers told us that we had reached 1000 km of cycling!!! We stopped to congratulate ourselves :) and took some photos.

It had been a very hard days cycling with many small and big hills so it took us longer than we thought to cycle the 42.8 km. We reached the outskirts of La Chorrera as night was falling. It looked really dangerous to cross the flyover to get into town so we managed to hail a truck taxi.

The hotel we ended up staying in was terrible, with a horrible plastic mattress. We had a chinese takeaway and a bad nights sleep.

Total km = 1017