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Written on: Tuesday November 10th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

November 6th - 7th

The road condition was good, even though the hard shoulder could have been more consistent. There was just a bit of rain so we didnīt get soaked. Traffic, particularly trucks, were annoying as usual but otherwise it was fine. We arrived in Parrita in the early afternoon and found an ok hotel. We had had a few punctures on one wheel on the way and finally found the cause. There was a tiny sliver of metal poking out from the inside of the tyre that had punctured the new inners. 

The town looked like an average Central Amercian town a few km from the sea so no tourists and not much to see. We planned to leave the next day, to continue to a town called Queops and to visit Manuel Antonio national park nearby. 

Km cycled = 23.8

Total km = 948.3