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Jaco II - Shaun is kidnapped

Written on: Tuesday November 10th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

October 30th - November 5th

Arrived back to Jaco and back to the same hotel. It was friday evening and we went past the bike shop where we hoped that Shaunīs rack would have been fixed. The bike shop guy was just closing, and he told us he hadnīt been able to fix the rack. He did offer us a new rack for $125.00, but we politely declined the generous offer..... We arranged to pick up Shaun the next day, as we had a few errands to run in town. Our plan was to leave the next day, after picking Shaun up from the shop.

The next day we arrived at the shop to find it was totally shut. We could see shaun trapped inside but couldnīt get him out. We waited around for some hours but no-one turned up. Nobody in the shops around had a phone number or any contact details.  As the days went by we grew more frustrated. The shop was closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday too. The owner of our hotel tried in vain to contact the bike shop, and eventually left a message stuck to the door. Finally the bike shop guy turned up on Wednesday, after Shaun had been help captive for four days. When we picked him up we really gave the bike guy a piece of our minds, but to no avail. He thought that there was no problem really and we were overreacting!!!! Nothing to do about people like that, just shut up and leave.

We left with Shaun, still with a broken rack. Fortunately we found a good bike place which fixed us a new rack in a few hours, so we could be on our way the next day. It was extremely frustrating to have had to wait in Jaco for days when we didnīt want to be there, and had little time left to get to Panama, but at least we could get going, with the bikes in good shape the next day.