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Monteverde national park

Written on: Sunday November 1st, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

27th-30th October

It was an easy trip on the bus up to a town called Santa Elena, near to Monteverde national park, as we had left Shaun and Toby behind. We stayed at a lovely Swiss lodge style hotel, that we had been recommended.

Due to the altitude (1200 - 1600m) the temperature was much cooler, and the clouds often covered the town and forest. On our first morning we got up very early in order to explore the national park and try to spot some birds and other animals. We hired a knowledgeable guide who was able to show us lots of different plants and animals. He also had telescopic monocular so we had great close up views of wildlife.

We were very lucky to be able to see a resplendant quetzal, the most famous bird in the area due to its long tail and bright colours. It is also the national bird of Guatemala, and the currency is named after it. The whole forest was beautiful, very moist and lush with lots of varied plants, from tiny orchids to huge ferns.

We also visited a cafe with lots of hummingbirds outside and then el mundo de insectos. Here we saw live tarantulas, scorpions and many other bugs. It's possible that Andy enjoyed it more than Yasmin, who wasn't too keen on the big spiders!


From Jen on Nov 3rd, 2009

Can't believe you actually got to see a quetzal! very lucky. I didn't think that the scorpion looked too worried, Andy.....