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Written on: Sunday November 1st, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

14th-23rd October

We left the house and decided to stay a few nights in the beach town of Montezuma nearby. The weather turned bad as soon as we left the house and the rain poured for 5 days almost non-stop. We had been really lucky with the weather while staying in the house as the rainy season usually starts earlier. However now it looked like it had really arrived!! 

Montezuma is a pretty little place with a great vibe. It has a bohemian touch to it, and doesn't seem too exploited. We ended up staying quite a bit longer than we had originally planned. The weather prevented us from leaving on the small ferry that goes from Montezuma, however this was not too bad as we had a wedding to plan!!

After our engagement we decided that we wanted to get married next summer, so not much time to waste booking a venue and a church. We decided that we wanted it to be in England, and decided on the Lake District. Finding the right venue proved to take longer than we thought..... Fortunately we had lots of help from Andy's family who searched the Lake District for the perfect venue. We spent most of the week in the internet cafe (about 6 or 7 hours a day) looking at pictures and websites. We were there so much that we even got some birthday cake from the girl who ran the place.

We stayed in a nice, but basic, place with a great balcony. From here we could watch hummingbirds, monkeys and other wildlife. One day some cheeky monkeys (white-faced cappuchins) even came onto the balcony to steal some of our things, but fortunately we caught them before they could take too much!

In the end we left by bus, and then a large ferry from another port as the small ferry from Montezuma couldn't go. We still got to the same destination, the town of Jaco, but it took much longer.