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Playa Azul

Written on: Sunday October 18th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

October 1st - 3rd

Leaving Santa Cruz we continued on good roads west. We stopped at a lovely spot a little way off the road and cooked some rice and vegetables for lunch. The first 30 km went really well and the road even improved with a huge cycle lane for a few km. However, when we had to turn off this road to get to the coast things changed dramatically..... According to all the maps that we had consulted this road should have been about the same as the others.

The dirt road didn't seem too bad at first but soon deteriorated into a potholed, muddy, steeply undulating mess. A big pothole was the end of Shaun's already damaged front rack which made the last few kilometers really hard. We made the final 10 km but there were no hotels and it was getting too dark to camp (here it gets fully dark before six o'clock). We saw a sign for a hotel 10 km further down the road and managed to get Shaun and Toby into a passing bus. All the passengers were really helpful, didn't mind the muddy bikes and even showed us where the hotel was. 

When we got there we realised that it might be quite posh (this seems to happen to us now and again!) However we had little choice and it looked really nice. After getting cleaned up we went to the restaurant to get dinner. Yasmin had daydreamed of eating asparagus the day before (we haven't seen it anywhere) and here they actually had it on the menu! The food was fantastic and we were very happy after our adventures that day.

We were however still a bit concerned about the road along the Pacific that we wanted to take, since it was nothing like we had hoped for. There was no way we were going to make it to Montezuma (to rent the house) on time so we had to decide what to do. With Shaun's front rack damaged and only villages around we didn't know whether or not 

we could get it fixed, and go on another road. We decided that we would have to take some transport to Montezuma, and that we could stay another night in Playa Azul (which was too tempting to resist!)

It was a very nice and very quiet place, and we had it almost to ourselves. Perfect for a days rest.  

Km cycled = 40.3

Total km = 902.2