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Liberia - Costa Rica

Written on: Saturday October 17th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

29th - 30th September

We travelled from San Juan to Liberia, crossing the border in Costa Rica without much incident. The journey was easy as we took the bus. We found a really nice little hostel in Liberia, where we could have a nice takeaway and watch BBC entertainment channel in the public lounge. As we had the place to ourselves it was great!

As soon as we crossed the border in Costa Rica we could immediately tell that we were in a different country. The toilets across the border were, for example, luxurious palaces in comparison to those in Nicaragua. Not that we judge countires on their toilets, but you can get an idea! The scenery in the side of the road transformed into dense jungle as we left the border. The buildings were of a higher standard, and the cars looked newer.

We felt excited about seeing more of Costa Rica from our bicycles the next day.....