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San Juan Del Sur

Written on: Monday September 28th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

September 21st - 29th

We managed to get Shaun and Toby fixed up at a car mechanics in Jinotepe. Shaun's rack wasn't as badly damaged so he kept his original one, but Toby's was totally wrecked so he has a flashy new one! It is fixed above the wheel so the balance is a bit tricky but it seems sturdy enough. We had to wait overnight for the repair but set off on the 21st in a taxi for San Juan Del Sur. Since we were also slightly damaged from the last cycling trip we wanted to have some rest by the sea, and not do any cycling for a while. 

We have been here for a week now just resting and relaxing. We found a really nice and not too expensive hotel by the sea, with a lovely balcony on which we have been enjoying spectacular sunsets every night. Activities have included: relaxing, sleeping, watching the sunsets, swimming in the sea, fishing (Andy), parrot spotting from the balcony, meditation (Yasmin), celebrating Arthur Guinness 250th anniversary in the brand new Irish Bar here (maybe the only one in Nicaragua....) etc. It has been great. Tonight we ate a delicious fish that Andy caught and had prepared in one of the restaurants by the sea. 

Tomorrow we head off for Costa Rica. We will get a free ride to the border from the hotel, and then we plan to get some transport to a town called Liberia. We have rented a house for 10 days in Montezuma on the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica which we really look forward too! We need to get there by the 4th so we will have quite a bit of cycling to do in the next few days! We have been considering different routes, trying to take into account the type and state of the roads, the distances and the steepness of them. Even though it might not be the easiest route we have decided to try the coast road, so that we can enjoy the views and do some camping on the beach. We will see if we live to regret this decision..........



From Jean on Sep 30th, 2009

Looks a beautiful place! Hope the cycling along the coast road goes ok. Much love to you both

From Issy on Oct 2nd, 2009

Andy is the cleverest boy for catching a fish. I hope Yasmin's elbow is feeling better. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS I typed my own name and Andy's name

From Marcela Campuzano on Oct 2nd, 2009

Hey Andy, this is Marcela the girl who run the Hotel Inn on the pacific, the one you and your wife spent the nights in san juan del sur. I hope everything is going well with you guys. If you enjoy our place please leave your comments @ www.tripadvisor.com Take care Marcela

From Giggi on Oct 3rd, 2009

Hi guys! That seems more like my type of vacation... Beautiful sunsets. Cant really understand why you are doing all that cycling thing. Guess you are a bit hyperactive both of you. I am eating lösgodis and watching Little Britain USA now. That I call a nice Saturday evening. Dafne says hello to you both. She started walking a week ago and now we cant stop her :)

From Farmer Nick on Oct 8th, 2009

Hi Andy/Yasmin. First time I have had time to look. Reads very well and looks good too. Very jelalous of it all. I shall think of you dearly when you have young children and we are in Panama. Dom gone to stay with a granny so only one child, to look after. the second time this has ever happened. We had a great holiday with Kev and family and had much vegan fun at Tongies wedding. I hope Ronan does not dampen your trip. He joined us in france and was not to bad! All our love from the farm!!

From Andy & Yasmin on Oct 18th, 2009

Hi Issy, Thanks! Great to see you on the webcam the other day. It was nice to hear that you have already designed your own dress for the wedding!

From Andy & Yasmin on Oct 18th, 2009

Hi Marcela, Thanks we had a great stay and will be pleased to put up a comment when we get the chance.

From Andy & Yasmin on Oct 18th, 2009

Hi Giggi! Losgodis....yes we miss that a lot. (Yasmin: I am going to eat so much salty liquorice when we get back!!) However I guess we just have to put up with the fantastic places we get to see meanwhile. :) Glad to hear that Dafne is making progress!

From Andy & Yasmin on Oct 18th, 2009

Hi Nick! Glad you managed to get a look at the blog, and you enjoyed it. I see your technological prowess now knows no bounds! Sounds like you had a good summer, must have been great to visit Kev and family. Yes we look forward to seeing Ronan, maybe you will have to show him how to use a computer to look at our blog one day! Love to Vicky and the family