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Written on: Sunday September 20th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

September 18th - 19th

In order to maximise the all-inclusive experience we didnīt leave the resort until four oīclock when they stopped serving lunch. We knew that it was only a few kilometers until the next place where we hoped to find a hotel. The first few we saw were terrible, but eventually we found one that was ok. It had a really nice view of the sea and the sunset. However the room was quite dodgy and there wasnīt much to do in the evening. We had a couple of Toņas (Nicaraguan beer) for dinner and went to bed.

According to our guide book it was supposed to be a really nice place with restaurants and bars, but in reality it was like a ghost beach town. Perhaps itīs low season now and the recession hasnīt done much for tourism....

Km cycled = 6.8

Total km = 803.4