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Montelimar Beach

Written on: Sunday September 20th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

September 15th - 18th

Getting out of Managua wasnīt too bad although it still took some time and the road was busy. It was the 15th of September, the Central American Independence Day (independence from Spain in 1821) so we wanted to make sure that we would arrive before dark. Some geologists at our hotel had warned us about drivers that may have celebrated the Independence Day by drinking hallucinogenic drinks..... Unfortunately we missed a turn early on that would have avoided a big climb over a mountain (over 800m). We cycled most of the way up, which was really hard in the heat, but realised time was running short and hitched a lift the last few kilometers to the top.

The cycle down the other side of the mountain was magnificent. There were beautiful views of the jungle, the ocean and some parrots flying about. We got to within about five kilometers of our destination when it became dark. We thought it too dangerous to cycle and so got a taxi from the small village which we were in. Once in the taxi (with our bikes piled on top of each other and hanging out of the boot) we asked him to take us to a good hotel in the area. We realised that it might be quite posh when we were questioned thoroughly at the security check - point.... It turned out that there was a luxury all-inclusive resort nearby, that we didnīt expect at all considering the very rural area where we picked up the taxi. It was quite expensive, of course, but as we were so tired we stayed anyway. We ended up staying for three nights!

The resort was huge, with over 500 rooms and bungalows and set by a beautiful, nearly deserted beach. The food was also great, the pools lovely, the cocktails included and we even managed to fit a game of tennis in! We enjoyed our stay but of course needed to move on, and to somewhere a bit cheaper....

Km cycled = 45.9

Total km = 796.6