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Honduras - Nicaragua border

Written on: Thursday September 10th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

September 5th - 6th

We hitched a lift from the beach towards the border to Honduras. Our first ride took us a few km and then dropped us off. However we then managed to catch a ride with a guy who was very friendly and kind enough to take us all the way to the border. It was an hour out of his way but he refused to take any money from us. We had chatted all the way during the journey, or rather listened as he spoke Spanish and we tried our best to understand. 

When we got to the Honduran border it was fairly chaotic and a bit confusing. We managed to get our passports sorted and found our way to the bus stop. However a guy had followed us and "helped" us to the right bus, and when we got there we were tired and confused enough to let him take the busfare...... Of course we never saw him again. Unfortunately we werenīt left with much money as we had to use all our emergency money to avoid paying credit card charges at the previous hotel. We managed to change some money in the end and had enough for the bus. Since we were in such a confused state we managed to make the incredibly stupid decision to go all the way to the Nicaraguan border. It might have worked out if we hadnīt had to wait an hour and a half for the bus to leave. In the end we reached the Nicaraguan border by dark and just missed the last bus out of there....

The nearest hotel was about 10 km away so we considered hitch-hiking, but we couldnīt get a lift and were also advised not to by the customs guards. It wasnīt possible to get a taxi since we had the bikes. We were left with no other option but to spend the night at the customs hall. It was absolutely terrible and the place was filthy and depressing in general. We were angry with ourselves and each other. We spent a miserable and hungry night sitting on two plastic chairs.

The next morning, absolutely knackered, we managed to get a bus to Leon. The bus had stopped at the border at five am and all the people went through the customs. We asked were it was going and fortunately it was going to Leon and had enough room for us and the bikes. We were relieved to get out of there and couldnīt wait to get to a nice hotel!